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Stem Cell Therapy

  • Treating moderate to severe joint pain
  • Non-surgical & minimally invasive
  • Zero recovery downtime

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure performed using adipose tissue stem cells that are harvested from your own body and transferred to areas of inflammation or damage.

What can be treated?

Stem cell therapy can treat pain from osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and various disorders in ligaments and joints. Common treatment areas include the hip, knee, and shoulder.


“Hello, I’m Dr. Swift, an orthopaedic surgeon. Dr Martin is a pioneer in stem cell therapy. I sent many patients to him, and I also had the procedure done in my own arthritic hips. The stem cell therapy was very beneficial and a wonderful mode of therapy for me and my patients’ needs.” –Dr. Don Swift.

“I just passed my five year anniversary of having stem cell done on both of my knees. It has been an incredible journey for me. Prior to the procedure I found it difficult to get up out of my chair, could not keep up walking and it was impossible to go down an escalator. Then I got acquainted with Dr. Michael Martin of SouthPointe Family Physicians P.C. of Lincoln, Nebraska. I met him and he considered me a good candidate. One knee was bone on bone and the other very close the same. I went in early one morning and walked out to go home before lunch. I had a small amount of stiffness in one knee that evening but the next day both knees were pain free. I continued to do everything that I had done before, only faster and without pain. I can go walking again, do escalators without problems and do a lot of dancing. Most of all I am grateful for being able to enjoy and do things with my grandchildren. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Michael Martin for the chance to spend my life being active again.” –Marilyn P.