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Silhouette Lift

What is a Silhouette Lift?

Silhouette-Lift is a new technique developed for use with Silhouette Sutures, a new suspension thread. This minimally invasive technique is used to lift and reposition sagging brow mid face or neck tissue. Silhouette Sutures offer significantly greater lift due to their unique absorbable cones which give strong traction when lifting the soft tissue. The sutures are attached to the fascia. To achieve this, a small incision is made above the hairline, where the sutures are anchored.

What are the benefits of a Silhouette Lift?

As of today, Silhouette Lift is efficient for the jowls, the nasogenien grove, the neck and the brows.

Am I the ideal patient for a Silhouette Lift?

If you have started experiencing facial sagging and less sharpness in the oval of your face then you will benefit from Silhouette Lift.

Does a Silhouette Lift require a general anesthetic or hospitalization?

A Silhouette Lift is performed under local anesthetic right here in the office.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure takes less than 45 minutes for the face and less than 25 minutes for the neck.

What reassurance do I have with the Silhouette Sutures?

The Silhouette Sutures have been approved by the US FDA and have received the CE mark. These approvals are unique in the market. Furthermore, Dr. Martin has been trained to use the Silhouette Lift technique. The training is both theoretical and practical and includes live surgery.

How long is the recovery time?

Patients can go back to their normal activities within two days but it usually takes ten days for the skin to fully recover its natural aspect and for all marks to disappear.

What about the results?

The results are first and foremost natural. Your appearance is less tired, your face is refreshed but you remain the same. This rejuvenation keeps all your expressions alive.

Why is Silhouette Lift the best available procedure in the lunch lift market?

The Silhouette Sutures are used in areas other than plastic surgery. Many surgeons are using the Silhouette Sutures to treat facial paralysis and also for reconstructive surgery interventions;

  • The Silhouette Lift technique is the most reliable on the market as it is based on mechanics;
  • The unique design of the hollow cones is harmless and the Silhouette Sutures can not break;
  • The Silhouette Sutures are attached, hence they can not migrate and the risk of the Silhouette Sutures moving within your face is non-existent;
  • As the Silhouette Sutures are not absorbable, the traction and the suspension effects are long lasting.

Is Silhouette Lift an alternative to a traditional facelift?

A Silhouette Lift can not replace a traditional face lift if you are considering this procedure. It is, however, an effective way of postponing a traditional facelift for several years.