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I am so excited that my SmartLipo results are starting to show more and more now. Since the procedure, I have gone from a size 10 pant size to a size 2! I could not believe it yesterday when I bought new slacks for work and had to keep going DOWN in sizes. I really do believe that Dr. Martin takes care of his patients. I will be making my 4 month check up soon.

– R

Dr. Martin spent 45 minutes on a private one on one FREE consult explaining everything about the procedure and what to expect. He never pressured me, just gave me the facts and realistic expectations. I would very much recommend Dr. Martin to anyone.

– SouthPointe Client

I have been under the care of SouthPointe Family Physicians for approximately three months now and have seen extremely positive results with my weight loss! I have not only lost over 25 pounds, but have gone down 2 pant sizes! Unfortunately, I have been down the diet road before, but have never experienced such amazing results in this short amount of time. The professionals at SouthPointe taught me how to eat within my individual caloric range, the importance of exercise, and the strength and motivation to succeed!

They also did a comprehensive health screening and blood work make-up in which I discovered some vitamin deficiencies I had due to my previously poor eating habits. By discovering this, I was able to address my food and vitamin consumption to develop much healthier habits!

I also have LipoM with B-12 shots two times per month which seem to truly melt my fat away! While I have been at my current weight in my dieting struggles in the past, I have never looked like this! The fat just dissolves in all of those stubborn and hard to lose areas, and my clothes get looser and looser! I also have experienced so much more energy than I had before. I am now able to enjoy outdoor activities with my daughter instead of feeling tired and worn out when I get home from work!

Above all, I have been so appreciative of the warmness and welcoming attitudes of all of the staff members, nurses, and doctors! Everyone is so genuinely supportive to each patient that comes through their door. I would recommend SouthPointe Family Physicians to anyone who is in need of and wants a positive, supportive, and effective way to reach his or her weight loss goals!

– Melissa S.

The results from SmartLipo were amazing. Ever since high school I have struggled with my saddlebags. Nothing I did made a difference. After having SmartLipo done, my saddlebags are virtually gone and I have the look that I have always desired. The downtime and discomfort were minimal. I would never have traditional liposuction done now that SmartLipo is available. I would definitely recommend it and would do it again.

– Amanda

I have been a client of SouthPointe Family Clinic for four years. I had SmartLipo done and the results were amazing. There was no pain, and the healing process was quick. I would recommend the procedure to anyone that is looking for body contouring.

– Sue

I had SmartLipo on my hips and thighs 2 weeks ago and I am already seeing big differences. With a short downtime, it is definitely something I am happy I did. I can’t wait until it has been a month—that’s when I know I’ll see even bigger differences! Thanks!

– Jill