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Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

You’ve tried dieting and exercise, but parts of your body simply refuse to tone up. Now you can change that.

There are many different things that you can do to contour the body. Dr. Martin takes a customized approach to each person utilizing the latest technology available, such as SmartLipo MPX, Body-Jet, and Autologous Fat Transfer.

SmartLipo MPX is a trademark name from Cynosure Corporation. Cynosure is the leader in the industry of Laser Lipolysis in all aspects. They have outpaced the “copycat” companies in development, safety, and technological advances. SmartLipo MPX is the latest version of the SmartLipo laser. Multiplex (MPX) allows the skin to tighten and retract more effectively to reduce the appearance of skin laxity and stretch marks through its dual wavelength system.

Body-Jet is the newest state-of-the-art body sculpting technology, using the gentle action of water and anesthetic solution to loosen live fat cells without damaging the surrounding structures (connective tissue, blood vessels, etc). This technique enhances your results and helps to achieve faster healing times.

Autologous Fat Transfer dates all the way back to 1893 when a German physician, Franz Neuber, used a small piece of upper arm fat and injected it into the face of a patient whose cheek had a large pit in it. Things have come a long way since then. The biggest advances have been in the harvesting and handling of the fat cells. The more trauma the fat goes through before it is reinjected, the less likely it is to survive. Fat cell death leads to scar tissue and calcifications, especially in the breast. Many physicians today still utilize the old methods of fat harvesting and handling. Dr. Martin utilizes Body-Jet to harvest fat because it is the most gentle, efficient technology available on the market today.

There are no two patients that are exactly alike. Many of the patients that we see will definitely benefit from combination procedures. Dr. Martin spends time with each patient to customize the treatments that will give them the best results.

When choosing a physician to fit your body contouring needs, some things that you should keep in mind and remember to ask at your consultation are:

How long have you been doing Body Contouring?

SmartLipo MPX was the first form of Laser Lipolysis and it was approved in the United States in November of 2006. Dr. Martin was the first to utilize Laser Lipolysis in Nebraska. He brought it into the office in February 2007. He is also the first and only physician in Nebraska to utilize Body-Jet. Many patients benefit from a combination of SmartLipo MPX and Body-Jet in the same treatment session. Dr. Martin is by far the most experienced in the Midwest with Laser Lipolysis and Body Contouring.

Where did you get your training?

Dr. Martin has done several different types of training including different courses with Dr. Todd Malan, the national leader in Body Contouring, Autologous Fat Transfer, and the creator of “The Natural Breast Augmentation.” Dr. Martin utilizes all of Dr. Todd Malan’s techniques and is the only physician in Nebraska certified in “The Natural Breast Augmentation.”

How many patients have you done?

Dr. Martin has done over 3500 zones, and counting!

Can you treat more than one area at a time?

Absolutely, in fact, most of our patients are treating several areas at one time. The only thing that will limit us as far as how many areas we can treat in one session is the amount of tumescent anesthetic fluid that your body can safely have at a given time. There is a simple calculation that will tell us how much tumescent anesthetic you can have.

Do you have any of your own before and after photos?

Dr. Martin has many before and after pictures that you can look at. A good indication of whether or not a physician has done very many procedures is that they show stock photos on their websites. You can see a few of Dr. Martin’s own patients on our website and we can show you many more when you come in for your consult.